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Bhutan Festival Tour

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Bhutan Festival Tours

Almost all the Dzongs (fortresses), monasteries and temples in Bhutan hold its own special tshechhus (or the mask dances). These temples and monasteries are spread throughout the country and come to life during the mask dance festivals held mostly in the seasons of autumn and spring.

The Tshechus, mask dance festivals, is a celebration of life in its most glorious form and was first performed by Guru Rinpochhe in the 8th century AD to subdue evil spirits and celebrate the triumph of good over evil. It is one of the most colourful festivals where men, women and children of the community attend the jovial celebrations dressed in their finest and complete with traditional songs and dances.

Apart from the tshechhus, the nomad festivals of Laya, the unique Yak dance of Ura in Bumthang and the majestic Black-necked Crane dance of the Phobjikha valley are some of the other calendar highlights that is one of the most sought after and select tour-itineraries for those coming to Bhutan on a festive note.