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Bhutan Trekking Tour

Bhutan Trekking Tours

snowman trek

Bhutan’s rugged and mountainous terrain coupled with virgin forests and breathtaking landscapes makes it one of the most sought after trekking destinations in the entire Himalayan circuit, and the world at large. The elevations range from 300m foothills in the south to as high as 7500mtrs in the northern Himalayas offering you a wide view of tropical and Himalayan ecosystems in a short span of time and distance.

This drastic change in climate and altitude is one of the prime natural factors that give Bhutan its varied landscape and climatic outlook. The vegetations comprise of dense subtropical forests to alpine shrubs, firs and rhododendrons, while a hundred varieties of plant and animal species thrive abundantly in its reserved parks and biological corridors that make up for more than 60% of our total geographical landmass.

The giant snow peaks and ancient mule tracks along cascading rivers and waterfalls in serene glacial valleys are a common feature of Bhutanese culture and landscapes. In fact it offers an atmosphere of adventure and beauty which is typical only to this part of the planet and is sure to give you a thrilling Himalayan experience.